Originally from Dublin, and very proud of my Irish heritage, I am now settled with my family in the Midlands. I am a current Airline Captain with a major UK based regional Airline and spend the majority of my time zipping back and forth across Europe.

With a background in Engineering, IT and Telecoms, I built my first website in the early 90's whilst still at school, and at a time when the internet was in its infancy. I have watched over the years as technology and tools have been developed to assist the process. Original websites were dull and flat, entirely hand coded in HTML, which is a time consuming and laborious process.

I have maintained my interest in webdesign throughout this time, and continue to build sites on a commission basis around my flying schedule. The beauty of modern web development is that it can be done from almost anywhere there is an internet connection.

The benefits of building websites in this manor is obvious. I build in low volume, and pride myself on a service that is personal. Additionally, where the scope of a project warrants it, I have a pool of related talent, such as template designers and graphic designers, whom I can call on to push a project forward.

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